The Four Modes of Thinking, and How They Impact Performance
Been through all different modes past week. And i think…it’s best i learn to be an opportunist. Good read to re-align the head and constantly identify which state of mind you are in. Instead of letting things flow, letting life happen to you and performance be jeopardized by the freedom of “anyhows”, this article surely gives a clear concise view of how to defeat being defeated. It starts INTERNAL.

3 Steps When Good Intentions Blow Up
As a high I (in DISC), i always fathomed i was pretty good at getting things across to people. But i can’t deny, some conflicts just take place. You never can please another completely cos we all own different minds. And learning to communicate when the intentions were not portrayed well in alignment with the method, is essential. We could all afford to learn to be bette

EXACTLY How Many Days Does It Take To Form A Habit?
May not be the best way to learn forming habits through the article’s ultimate motivation of slimming dow, but this read certainly has great tips to managing our habits. One which I adore:  “Identify any unhealthy habits you may have and take steps to replace them with new ones.” Time to rid the unnecessary.

Strategies For Leading In Uncertain Times
WOW. WOW. WOW. Spoke to me exactly en pointe today. About my fears, my worries, my hesitations. Sometimes I tend to think…even in faith moments, will things work out well? Don’t let uncertainty undermine you or your team’s efforts. Stay on course. Focus and finish on what needs to be accomplished now. Acknowledge the fear, but don’t feed it.

Empathy makes you a more effective leader
Verbal and Non-verbal cues of communication both matters. But how do we balance them out? This article really gives a great insight as to how to develop and manage our health level of empathy for others, increasing the awareness of our effectiveness as leaders and communicators. Practice, practice, practice. Nothing happens overnight (unless God blessed of course…), but practice surely makes it the tips here all worthwhile.