10 Insightful Questions To Work Into Your 1:1 Meetings
It’s not just about telling people what to do. It’s about learning how to ask the right questions and listen to the feedback. After learning tips and tricks of communication, I have to admit one’s best route in life to interaction, is knowing what best to ask and what best to reply. Here’s some good discussion start-offs to make the atmosphere right. Not just employees I think, life…generally. Learning to listen to answers is a form of art by itself.

Is Your Team Built To Last?
A team of good members is a team of people working towards the same direction with unequal amount of work, equal sacrifice. I’ve always believed that it’s not about what you do, but who you know. Having a group of good supporters will surely aid life to progress in the right direction of growth. And to know how to build such a team, is surely essential. Everyone makes a difference, everyone plays a part. So evaluate your bunch of influence using this article now. Are we all growing together as one?

How To Relax When You’ve Worked Hard All Week
HA. Who would know relaxation is part of motivation too? SEE THE WORLD outside of yourself. I think that’s not just a way of relaxation. That’s also a way to remind yourself that the world is more than just about you.

6 Ways To Deal With Self-Doubt
Being PRESENT. Being here, right now. All distractions aside. Stop comparing. We all have self-doubt. Start dealing with it today.
Simple yet en point read for those looking for easy ways to tweak the mindset.

Time, Not Material Goods, ‘Raises Happiness’
What a way to summarise this article. ┬áLike what the article says, “people who prioritise time over money tend to be happier than people who prioritise money over time.” Surely, we all fight for time to earn money. But does that conclude our life in the most meaningful way? What if we had all the money in the world but had no time to spend it…what for the abundance then? Maybe I’m seeking for joy. So if you are too, for the true happiness…read this.