It’s time to get movin’ on, past the worries and anxiety. Frustrations thrown off, doubts casted aside.

The Truth About Moving Abroad
I guess this is an apt article to me for the season now, as I consider my Visa application processes for further pursuit of studies in Los Angeles. I’ve only got 2 weeks to settle it all, and anxiousness has certainly kicked in for real. But how do I handle this? By knowing I’m not alone and to reference from those who have walked this path. Courage up, all you who would want to move abroad. Home is where you make it to be.

A Novel Trick To Beat Procrastination
Yes, there are surely some days where I gave in. Routines not met. Schedules not followed. Usual stuff not done the usual way. Sometimes, we simply procrastinates because of plain laziness. This article clearly defines the ways to counter attack such tendencies: Visualizing the future you and the impact of the now on the next you. I’m reflecting for sure, hope you do after reading this too.

5 Things Insanely Productive And Healthy People Do Before 8am
I’ve came to realise, after setting morning routines that I adamantly stick to nowadays, that I’m much happier and clear-minded these days. As though you sleep being excited to wake the next day for what’s set in place in the morning. Productivity increases once you kickstart the day well. For sure.

Six Words And Phrases That Makes Everyone Hate Working With You
Don’t use ambiguous wordings, don’t use possibilities. Being confident is about being in the white, against the black, No greys. Such shedding of light upon some common words we use with no further thought into how we may SOUND like, or portray. What an article of revelation.

How To Stare Down Your Tigers And Become A Fearless Leader

Not knowing what will happen of the future as a freelancer has always been an existent fear itself. No doubt, nothing can assure you better than when results fall through and visibility of productivity is assured. Then again, nothing could ever be 100% risk free. I choose to leave the worries of tomorrow to tomorrow, for it does no good being anxious over what we can’t change. As for today, I do my best of what I can make of today. For there is only one today, and the possibility of another tomorrow.