10 Mistakes Girls With Great Skin Never Make
In the phase of recovering blemished skin, I had to research and find out what tips and tricks there could be get me feeling good over good skin again. We all need something to teach us to heal, to self discipline, to control.

4 Ways To Get Job Search Ready
The idea of relocating for studies has been overwhelming me recently, and I was really anxious about what jobs could I hold in a foreign land that didn’t recognize my talents with it’s history. This article clearly explains a good list of mental and physical preparation for this process. I could literally see myself growing by reading it already.

How To Dress For Confidence
As an athletic person since young, I’ve never bothered or taken much effort into dressing up. But as time passes by, adulthood hits. Time to reflect on my wardrobe holds and start upkeeping a good level of confidence in that outlook.

The Best Healthy Instagram Accounts
We’ve got one on dressing, another on career, one more on skin…how can we forget the greatest enjoyment in life: FOOD?

15 Things I Wished I Knew When I Was Running
I run everyday. Yes, like literally. Everyday, since the age of 13.
I guess i could always afford to learn something more about a daily habit. The good VS the bad.