5 Reasons To Say “No” More Often
It’s about learning to know who you are and what you need. Eventually, at the end of the day, no one can force you to be who you want to be. Your goals, you strive to achieve them. You are in charge how you conduct your daily schedules, and how you want it to be. So take responsibility today. Trust in the power of rejection for a good cause.

What To Know Before Cutting Dairy From Your Diet
I’ve been one of those guilty ones who switched from full-fat to ketogenic to paleo, then to dairy-free diet nowadays. I must say, this article pretty much sums up whatever i’ve felt amongst all these transitions, in a good neutral way. The high ups and the crashes downs, the reasons why it might have felt pleasant, without diet being the sole influencing factor for the unpleasants. Read to get a more unbiased view about what to do. What works for you.

When you Go into Heart Failure and it Turns out to be a Metaphor for All The Things Right Now
“Because time here will run out one day and one day your heart will stop it’s brave beating and there will be no more time to love here, to change the story here, to make your life say what your heart feels….Sometimes when it feels like things are falling apart — we’re all just really falling into the arms of God.”

Rethink The Average Mirror
I have no idea why an article on mirrors attracted me. But i saw it in the metaphorical way. Mirrors, they could make you feel bigger or smaller. They reflect. They showcase who you are. They enlarge or minify. Which mirror do we adhere to today, which colour, size and shape do we like to see ourselves in? Do we choose what truly reflects us or do we choose what helps to beautify what we see?

10 Simple Ways To Start Your Personal Wellness Journey
Being mindful, being well within. Could always afford to learn from others what good personal habits to keep to, to learn from, to kickstart this journey well. Afterall, we’re a community of differences. Never stop growing to find out more ways to help yourself. Start drinking water today, it cleanses. Literally.