Letter To My 18 Year-Old Self
I’m not 18 anymore, but i feel that way. Youthful, energetic, sunny and ever so vibrant. Because I believe there’s so much to love that we can celebrate, instead of endure. Like what this article says, rtere’s so much you don’t know, so stay humble, be patient with yourself, and continue to learn something new every day. It will feel hard at the time, but you’ll forever cherish the days of chipping if off to get there. I totally love how she ends off : ” Keep working hard, keep finding the good in people, and keep learning and changing and doing your own thing.” Time to do our part.

5 Self Care Habits I’ve Adopted Lately
Mindfulness and self-awareness seems to be in the trend. Like, everyone’s jumping on this bandwagon somehow. Then again, I think it’s my season now too. To be aware of how alive I could feel, my emotions and frustrations, to decide what’s good and what’s not for me. FOCUS. When you get that, decisions are easier made and efficiency is clocked. Surely caring for ourselves is a good way to know what to reject that’s bad. I’m thankful i’ve already done 4 out of the 5 habits here (except for eating which i’m working upon…). Have you?

10 Best Snacks for Stress Eaters
I’ve gotta admit this: I definitely love snacking. In fact, snacks could possibly make up for and overtake my “regular” meals somehow. Itchy mouth syndrome, we call it here in Asia. I’ve contracted it since I was younger, and have never failed to get those teeth crunching and munching always. As though life has always got to be filled with something “TO DO”. This article surely served me well in recommending some healthy tips and tricks to reducing that addiction. Time to stop worshipping those peanut butter jamming tendencies.

I Actually Work Out On My Lunch Break – Here’s How I Make It Work
Fitness Junkie. Yes, i can’t deny that the athletic genes does really live within me. I used to take my lunch breaks (during the times where I had a 9-5 office job), to walk around the markets and neighbourhood, travel around on buses, walk around landed properties for a local tour…anything. As long as I’m movin. I guess, i am into keeping fit and active, isn’t it? Many have asked me on tips as to how do i remain energetic and always so positively full of sunshine. Answer’s right in this article: Start your day right, and everything else will fall into place. Because your mind is kickstarted well, with motion.

7 Things I Learned From Being In A Car Accident
Relationships: the most important thing in life to get you going. Like what I told my friend, it’s not bout what you do or what you have been through, it’s who you know and what you’ve learnt. It’s so important to trust the people who love and care about you, this article reminds. When something scary happens to you, you have to allow people to help you. Relationships are the absolute best part of life, and one of the reasons we get to have them is to help us when we are experiencing times of need. Surely, it was right. I see my life unfolding with the right people encouraging me on. Always, never failing. Family, friends, mentors…choose the ones whom you wish to cherish, every single day.