This week’s gonna be all about lifestyle and wellness tips.
Because one has got to strike a balance, on the overall.

5 Habits of Healthy Eaters
I just finished a bodybalance class 20 minutes before typing this. Was just pondering over the goodness of planning. Planning schedules, planning my my meals, planning what could be planned to make life do good for us body, soul and spirit. This article gives some tips in line with this notion of action-oriented planned habits! You become what you eat, don’t forget.

9 Less Common Essential Oils You Need In Your Life
Yet another one I was hesitating to re-purchase today: Essential Oils. This is for all you busy hustling folks, who never gets a chance to stop in your tracks and slow down to even spot what’s going on around you. Too many. There’s just too many of such workaholics nowadays who needs to relieve stress and achieve tranquility. If you’re one of them, read this.

What Your Wallet Says About You
Such an interesting article to get you thinking about how your life is orientated upon. Other than our phones (predominantly the main object we lug around nowadays), the wallet’s the next essential that stays pretty much with us 24 hours all day round. Surely it’s content, would reflect OUR content. How much “value” are you carrying today?

My Perspective On Self-Care Is Changed Forever
So tough. So hard. To actually do something for myself. Today’s meditation got me thinking about how much we run around achieving tasks daily, ending up in an ultimate failure to love ourselves and be aware of our bodily needs at the end of the day. Being on the go all the time, I have to always make an effort to stop, reflect, journal and add on items to the to do list. But this article really resounds with my inner being of wanting to not put myself last on the to-do list anymore. Rid the unhealthy habit today if you wish to.

Recovering From A Bad Day: 5 Little Ways To Feel Better
Not every day is a good day. Not every day goes according to plans. When it doesn’t, we often beat ourselves up over the lack of discipline or control for the plans to fall through. But that recovery is essential…to know what to do to keep yourself learning and getting on is more important. Than self-punishment. Take time to learn how to feel better when you don’t know how today.

But first, know yourself. And love it.