Time to keep a check on the good habits. And how to keep it going:

This Instagram Account Will Inspire You To Organize All The Things
How do we really stay inspired to be consistent in keeping organized? Always use visual cues. I think this article just successfully featured the account that satisfied my visual style of learning. Surely it fed the window of my soul well, set apart neatness and much OCD-fulfilment. Watch and see, get inspired. Someday I aspire to be!

7 Reasons To Minimize Your Kitchen
Everything starts from somewhere, and I personally believe kitchen’s the next best heaven at home (compared to your bedroom for rest purposes). I mean…come on, let’s not lie. It’s where all the food gets generated, it’s where we seek our nature source of energy from. So why not make it another sacred place where we can look forth to going to everyday? Mine’s minimized..time for yours.

33 Articles of Clothing = 25, 176 Different Outfits
I’ve recently complete the 21 day minimalist challenge and I must say, it did not just help me in changing (for the better…the items i own, the style of environment i live in. Above that, it altered the mindset i behold. Life’s so much easier to make decisions, now that the remainder consists of only essentials. NO REPEATS, NO EXTRAS. No need for anxiety/worries for the unused and untouched. But oh my…this article takes the calculations of such benefits up another notch!

What If You Could Be More Happy Today?
What if. But we all could be, couldn’t we? Read this to get more “intangible” styles of learning how to stay truly joyful from within, not just happy with-out.

How I Take Back Control Of My Mind
It’s important to stay in focus, on top of things. Especially for our newer generation folks. But this article reminds me to slow down amidst the pace of doing so, especially when life catches up. Too many things could distract. In fact, it could DISTRESS. So here’s a sincere sharing that will get you thinking, if you’ve lost it. And how to regain so.