There Is No App For That
Maybe it’s time we relook at how many a times…our phones define our life, not God’s word. If there could be a filter to the photos and scenes of our life, do we use the instagram ones or the filters through the eyes of God? Surely there is a bigger reason to all we’re doing, but making taking pictures the stronghold over our like and having a picture-perfect seeming life isn’t what I would wish to proudly crown at the end of my life. This is such a good article on elaborating how we should refocus on what’s important, behind the picture itself.

Sit With The Psalms
Don’t rush through quiet time. Never rush through. How you start your day with the word determines how the word defines your day thereafter. What’s a few more minutes considered to those years Jesus has awaited you? Just learning to sit down, appreciate and learn insights from every single revelation that comes in the morning. Great reminder on slowing down to listen…if you need.

The Best Thing To Do When You’re Stuck in Doubt
Recently, life’s made me come to a decision on the second standpoint: where do I go from here? Could i really make this live changing decision and pursuit it with no hesitation? It was tough, trying to decided if I should go or not to. I guess, when it comes to challenging the unknown, that’s when your the test of faith kicks in. Best thing to do according to this article? Don’t stop, just keep going. Read to gain some momentum!

The Unexpected Answers Of God
Things don’t always come in the best presentation style ever. We always try to make the best out of what we have, but when it’s not the best, could we really accept it for how it was given to us? God has His ways to presentation, and I choose to appreciate how His mode of delivery is today…what about you? This article showcases the embracing notion of how He determines how it is to be seen, not us.

The Fruitful Life
Each second, we’re growing older. Or are we GETTING older without growing? Don’t waste time anymore, let this article do a subtle reminder of what’s good and what’s not. Start being fruitful today.