Divine Interruptions
It’s always apt how God intervenes in our lives at times most unexpectedly. Moments where we wish plans were smooth and then it was not. He surely knew how to stop us for the better of our own good. Even when we think otherwise.

He Knows
Whatever we need, on earth and in heaven, He knows. He knows the best.

Be Patient With Your Slow Growth
Living in a fast paced society, overachiever family and all..it’s hard to just stop and embrace non-productivity. Seems like moving abroad has gotten me feeling less capable of growing in the usual rate I perceived back at home, but this process is going to be good as long as I see it positive. How do you grow yourself today, fast or slow….or simply a speed that is not your own?

What You And I Need In Our Lives
I need to pray. Pray it out. Pray it away. Pray it through and alive. Prayer is the only thing left when miracles is what you need.

Sweet And Sour
He uses our trials, for a good purpose. Learn to make sense of your sufferings. Even when you can’t, just trust.