Pray Your Way to Wonder

Words build, but words kills too. So does prayer. As spiritual beings and a daughter connected to the heavenly one above, I guess communication of our desires and wants is pretty essential in ensuring all things are firsthand, laid out. This article explains really well how works are achieved in our faithful confessions.


How to Turn Broken Dreams into New Beginnings

Lost dreams….so heartbreaking to deal with. Sometimes routine can rid us of the notion to even embrace a future. That’s why we all need adjustments of mindset. Not why, but WHAT. Our dreams do not depict us, we choose them.

Examples Of Trials In The Bible: 7 Biblical Stories

I wanted to get some inspiration from people who have walked down the same road as I am currently experiencing in life…multiple trials. So i humbly searched for bible characters who walked through enough to understand what the connotation of “TRIALS” meant. These 7 people certainly lived a life of God-exalting testimony, and I would love to do so at the end of the day too.

When you Go into Heart Failure and it Turns out to be a Metaphor for All The Things Right Now

Got me crying, feeling joyful, frustrated , crying again and again,. This article was just too well written, heart felt and empathized upon with it’s receipt.