If you were to ask me what I wanted to do 5 years back, I would probably have shrugged it off with multiple “I want to’s”. Like a singer. dancer. entertainer, maybe. Or…social worker, counsellor, perhaps. Whatever. I don’t think I really knew.

What I knew certainly though, was one thing in mind: I wanted something meaningful. Something that could better the lives of others. Something that achieved a lasting impact, a positive difference, So that monday, I got up. And started questioning myself. More than what we wanted to do, it was more of WHO we wanted to be that mattered more, wasn’t it?

Think about it.

Let’s put the bad beliefs aside. If tomorrow was your funeral, what would be that one liner eulogy concluding us in the lives of others? How would your existence have mattered to anyone on this world, especially those you loved? What would you rather them say about you when you eventually depart?

The question here is: “What is your purpose here on the earth?” Would you rather choose to be that solo being who kept all your successes within, or that one man who brought great influence to the ones around you? 

To better satisfy this curiosity, I gathered the answers of those around me. Those who were daring enough to give this idea a thought. I gave them each one assignment: “In 1 sentence, sum up WHO YOU WANTED TO BE.” I hope you get inspired by their sharings, and start thinking about yours too. Not tomorrow, but today.

Check out the video right here!