Yes. Call me obsessed.
But I am TOTALLY into keeping things neat and tidy.

I remember those former days in primary school, where I used to be so engrossed in packing my bag the night before school. Those stationery pens I adored, those 1001 books I lugged, those small little packets of tissue I had to include in my daily welfare pouches.

Each item had to be arranged well (in order of height) within the constraints of my multiple segmentalized bagpack. Not to mention, within the pouches, were more pouches. All i knew was, everything had to fall in place. If not, I would not never turn into bed being confident that I was proud to be able to bring that bag to school the next day. I had to always get it done right.

I guess…in all the simple and minute ways I could, life was well organized for me since young. And i think that mindset ensued till now, which I’m pretty glad for.

Afterall, making sure you know what you want, could lead you to effectively reject what you DON’T, isn’t it?

If you don’t believe me, try it. And catch my video here for more tips on how to get better organized!