Honestly? I down a latte every single day.

It never fails to calm my nerves after a good morning workout, satisfy those sweet taste buds and get me kickstarted well on a full day of activities. In the uprising cafe-hopping trend, it’s observed that cafes are popping up every where, in fact one in every few weeks. I have to say though, the most readily available and easily accessible option would still be the most popular hotspot in the world: STARBUCKS.

Every day, we get up, we accomplish tasks, we fulfil duties. But do we exactly know where we’re headed towards in life at the end of ticking off the to-do list? Like a cup of coffee, we grab and go. Do we do the same to our lives too?

I like to explore the different outlets, observe the ambience, and watch the people go by as they do their lives. It’s interesting, how humans are all fuelled with a purpose-driven life, yet little spell out their motivation fuel in words.

Confessions. They matter. What you speak shapes who you are.
So today…I got them to do it. Random strangers.

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